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Government Distribution Services

Our distribution team offers expertise in Supply Chain & Logistics operations and solutions for our clients through a variety of trusted methods. These include LTL, Full Truckload, Expedited/Time Critical, ocean/air and international freight services. Our special skill sets allow us to deploy, direct and engage within local, regional, national, global, and strategic zones, including law enforcement, government, military, defense, and other sensitive sites.

TXAT and our partners offer unmatched operational efficiency, benefiting you through:

  • Accurate Orders
  • Timely Deliveries
  • Unmatched Service
  • Strategic Replenishment
  • Mission Critical Resupply
  • EDI/SPS labeling upon request
  • Short, mid-term and long-term warehousing solutions
  • Consulting services for sourcing and procurement plans
  • Inbound and outbound processing with back-office support
  • Supplemental services such as armoring and gunsmithing
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)-sensitive inventory control
  • Critical support inventory for government, military, law enforcement and defense operations

product sourcing

We believe a well-designed supply chain deserves efficient installation and continuous logistical enhancements. As you execute your mission, we will coordinate and communicate with all operators, subcontractors, and suppliers in sync with your principal objective and plan. Our systems are designed to evaluate the demand needs of our clients, allowing the procurement of materials, supplies and equipment necessary to meet all standard and quality definitions while achieving the objective and budgetary constraints described in the contract scope.

supply chain logistics

Our Logistics & Supply Chain departments employ seasoned experts at all levels. We possess a valid and current Export Control license and are fully aware of laws, regulations, and restrictions regarding local, regional, and global business supply chain & logistics operations. We recruit, vet, hire, train and deploy our operational team, ensuring our skills and knowledge are consistently available to our clients. Our modern supply chain and logistics management system reduces risk and costs, resulting in exceptional performance.

import and export logistics

As a distributor and importer of restricted goods, TXAT has the tools to navigate even the most complex or urgent scenarios. We know that your deliveries are often sensitive and critical, and we have built our supply chain logistics to achieve timely, consistent and secure shipments at all times.

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warehousing solutions

Whenever short or long-term warehousing is necessary, our team will work with you to ensure that your supplies are stored securely and conveniently. Whatever your department’s requirements are, you will be able to access your gear and defense products at the right times and locations.


All client orders, both international and domestic, are processed and executed at the highest professional level. We provide robust packaging materials for safe and secure delivery of all shipments. All orders are properly labeled for ease of shipping and receiving.

dealer distributor services

TXAT continuously forges relationships with new partners to ensure we can support our clients’ objectives. We will help you fill the gaps in communication or service at any point within your supply chain. Additionally, we practice due diligence on all logistics and supply chain vendors by conducting regular audits. These ensure compliance with our systems, contract requirements, and all applicable federal, state, and local and international laws, regulations, and policies. We are committed to executing government and law enforcement contract business in an ethical manner with zero tolerance for violations.


If you need assistance or training at any point in your journey with us, our team is more than happy to provide tailored advice and in-depth training. We can help you achieve greater efficiency while reducing costs. Our dedicated supply chain and logistics specialists combine global industry knowledge with the power of practical experience to determine the current performance of your supply chain, the optimal number and location of distribution facilities, and reduce your total landed costs.

contact us

Delivering excellence and ensuring your mission’s success is our goal. Please contact our Government/Military/LE team for immediate support. We are ready to respond.


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