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TXAT is an international distribution group based in Houston, TX. Founded in 2011 by a multinational team with a history in logistical support and international business practice, TXAT has grown our business to operate in all 50 states and more than 30 other countries worldwide.

Based on the principles of providing professional expertise and excellent customer service, TXAT has become an integral part of our customers’ business models. Through our experience and relationships, we have created a distribution platform which is scalable and adaptable with an eye on maximizing and maintaining the  efficiencies necessary to deliver a top-flight product at competitive pricing.

TX-AT LLC Who We Are - Houston, TX based International Distribution Group

Since inception, we have applied our resources to hone the platform to fit our customer’s needs while maintaining our internal beliefs that a business partner should be capable, responsive, transparent, and willing to prioritize your interests.

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