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Consultation and Training Services

Product sourcing and distribution are just the beginning of what we can do for your organization at TXAT. Whether you need start-to-finish solutions, business growth support, or in-depth training for products you already have, we are happy to step in and help you quickly reach your organization’s goals.

corporate consultations

At any point in your company or division’s journey, our consultants are ready to help you build or augment a project’s success. We provide support and training on how to successfully use, distribute, or market any of our defense and security products. This encompasses full development of training materials and documentation. We also create and provide end-to-end training guidelines, policies, and procedures for any of our services.


For clients who would like to enter or expand within a sector, we also provide full market penetration analysis and market research. These services, tailored to your business needs, provide a clear view of your target market and ensure you are positioned appropriately. Our team is happy to provide these services from the beginning of a project or to collaborate with an agency you already employ.

sales and business scaling support

Once our customers share their goals for a given period of time, we can help design a pathway that will help them achieve these objectives in the shortest possible period of time. If your company has reached a plateau in promoting a product, we can provide the support and resources to draft a truly successful business plan. Our team conducts a full analysis of where customers are, where they would like to be in their current or future markets, and creates a roadmap to quickly scale to those goals.

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