What We Offer


Our knowledgeable team navigates critical barriers which face our customers:

  • Transportation of products both domestic and international. 
  • Governmental regulatory and tax matters.
  • Handling of product export and import. 
  • Consulting on effectively packaging and shipping products to reduce waste in materials and cost.
  • Marketing and advertising solutions.
  • Sales and purchasing network connectivity.
  • Warehousing solutions.
  • The ability to structure our services to provide complete solutions across all fields at reasonable costs.
TX-AT LLC -- Houston, TX based international distribution group -- Flexible & Adaptive Service Expertise
TX-AT LLC -- Houston, TX based international distribution group - Growing Your Business.

Growing Your Business Together

We can help you get your product from your bay doors, or your garage, to your customers and end users across the state or across the ocean while handling all the steps in between. We provide the means to handle your current demand load while also presenting the tools and expertise needed to streamline processes and procedures, and opening doors to larger opportunities. We are proud to provide these business services, and anything else your firm might need, without losing focus on our belief in the importance of business relationships. 

Our services come with accountability, transparency of cost and process, and our guarantee to see all challenges and tasks through to the end with extraordinary results.

Discover distribution with unmatched transparency and reliability.  Contact us today!